Okra-Potato Sabji

Okra is also known as lady’s finger in many countries, It’s low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content also has been suggested to help manage blood sugar in cases of diabetes.

Ingredients for Okra-potato recipe:

  • Okra (ladies finger): 250 gram
  • Potato: 150gram
  • Oil: 3tablespoon
  • Asafetida: a pinch
  • Cumin seeds: 1tablespoo
  • Ginger-garlic paste: 1 tablespoon
  • Red chili powder: 1tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tablespoon
  • Coriander powder: 1tablespoon
  • Ground spice powder: 1teaspoon
  • Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoon

How to prepare Okra-potato sabji :

  1. Wash all the okras with water and clean it and gently wipe them with a kitchen cloth,
  2. Remove the top and bottom ends of the okras, Cut it into a small slice or cut the pods crosswise into 1-inch slices and take it into a bowl, keep it aside,
  3. Chop the potatoes into thin slices, store in a separate bowl, keep aside,
  4. Heat the pan on medium flame and add 3 tablespoon oil, when oil is heated add cumin seeds sauté them until it becomes crackle,
  5. Add a pinch of asafetida and chopped potatoes, add salt to taste and sauté them till it becomes light pink, cook it on low flame,
  6. Add chopped okras and stirring all gently for 5 minutes,
  7. Add ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and ground spice powder,
  8. Mix all the ingredients nicely and stirring well,
  9. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 5 -7 minutes on low flame,
  10. After that open the lid and stir again and if okra-potato sabji is cooked, turn off the flame or cook again if not cooked,
  11. Once cook the sabji, serve it in a serving bowl,
  12. Spread some chopped coriander leaves,
  13. Serve with curd and paratha or chapatti.

Note: Can use okra after shallow or deep fry, also make this sabji without potatoes.


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